Germanee Gerald, is the founder and lead stylist of thePradaG+Co Styling Firm. Her career started in the fitting rooms of Gap stores in North Carolina.  It was there she discovered that her customers appreciated trend, but found it hard to incorporate trends for their body types. Recognizing how often the frustrations occurred, she decided to offer styling advice through blogging, although it was only a step in her journey. 

Upon moving to California to work for Gap Inc, graduating from their Retail Management Training Program, and working as a Merchant in their Banana Republic Headquarters, decided to fuel her entrepreneurial journey. 

In 2016, Germanee officially launched thePradaG+Co styling firm to help men and women alike be confident with their style and stay true to themselves while helping to eliminate the out the question of what they should wear. 

Outside of styling, Germanee, also offers her 'Sip'N Style' series as well as style notes to her audience. The 'Sip'N Style' series was created after Germanee, noticed that a large percentage of her female clients did not know their body types and what worked best for them largely because the media overshadows average body types and focuses on model frames. In the summer of 2015,  we launched our first 'Sip'N Style,' a quarterly styling event where Germanee, styles four women of various body types and gives them style advice for each season all while enjoying refreshing cocktails and great company with other women in the Bay Area. Through this platform, we've been able to help take women's style to the next level, while educating them on specific styling tips and tricks that work best for the individual's body. 


THE PRADA-G. This clever name was given by a friend who believed that a person with a fashion inclined mind should have a name that embodied both fashion and her. The name brings together a household fashion name and marries it with Germanee's initial in a rhetorically clever way, as when spoken, it comes off as "prodigy" 

Having such a knowledge, ability, and pure talent for styling, fashion awareness, and creating the illusion of expensive looks at affordable prices, it is only right that such a person is named, the PRADA-G.