A Note From Our Stylist


Germanee Gerald, Lead stylist and founder 


It’s fall again, and this season I decided to focus on plus size women with an emphasis on fall layering pieces.  Why focus on plus size? I’m glad you asked.I assorted plus size apparel for a mass retailer in my early career as a merchandiser. As I researched  and worked on the creation of the lines, I became frustrated with the fact that plus size women had a small pool of brands to choose from, and often had to choose between quality and style. I couldn’t imagine why they wouldn’t have both, especially because 64% of women in the United States alone are sizes 14 and up. I became very passionate about this underrepresented demographic of women. Although the market place has gotten better and plus size bloggers have helped to provide style inspiration and highlight undiscovered brands, plus size retailers and the fashion industry are still not as inclusive as they need to be.  This season’s Sip’N Style is dedicated to these beautiful, curvaceous women to help inspire and celebrate them!

During every Sip’N Style we discuss style, trend, and body types. Clients are provided education on each of the topics, ensuring  the ability to utilize learnings from the event and styling session  for wardrobe decisions post event.

The styling takes place prior to the event, however, we all come together to discuss the looks and provide the education at the event with a drink in hand- hence the name Sip’N Style!

This season we were ever so fortunate to have our event space sponsored by Proof - Oakland’s Bottle Shop, where they sell spirits and vintage cocktail ware. Their store offered the character and intimacy we were looking for to host our event.


p.Harrell wines

Official Wine Sponsor 

To sip, participants were offered mimosas as a welcome drink. Riesling and Zinfandel wines, gifted to us by P. Harrell Wines, were also served. Not only was the wine delectable, but P. Harrell is owned and run by an African American female vintner (yes, Black Girl Magic!!)! Their Haight Street Reisling, a white wine with notes of citrus and honeydew, is named after Haight Street in San Francisco where her grandparents owned their business. The Zinfandel, Three Fifteen, is a red that is smooth and delicious, named after the address of her family home. I love the rich heritage of the brand and the wines.Both are worth purchasing! You can find more about P. Harrell Wines and purchase a bottle here!

As the Sip’N Style evolves, I am eternally grateful to my team, the sponsors, and most importantly the participants and people  following the journey to score style inspiration! So cheers to you! Grab a glass, or a bottle, (hopefully of P.Harrell Wines) and enjoy the fall Sip’N Style.

Until next time,



Eva B. : Bring the Bordeaux  


The jeweled tones of emerald, navy, and yellow offer fall a richness that other seasons fail to match. However, the most covetable hue of fall is bordeaux, a french word that is synonymous with burgundy. It’s a bold red without being obnoxious or fussy and works well on all skin complexions! Trust me, you’ll love it as much as you love Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty foundation, so I made a point to incorporate this lovely color into my styling for the season.

With a focus on easy, layerable jackets for fall, I instantly fell in love with this suede moto from Old Navy. It’s a great third piece that will withstand the test of time even in this pop of color.  

So Let’s Talk Body...Eva is an inverted triangle, meaning she has a larger bust while her hips and bottom half are more narrow in proportion. When styling an inverted triangle, you have to make sure you have a good balance on the bottom to create the illusion of defined curves. This can be done through fuller skirts, fit and flares, a-line silhouettes, and mid rise jeans. Due to most inverted triangles having fuller chests, another good rule of thumb is to wear scoop or v-necklines to give a break of skin so you won’t feel so top heavy.  I took this all into account during Eva’s styling session where she opted to combine new pieces suggested by me with her existing wardrobe.

As I perused her closet, I fell in love with this geometric print top that had hints of burgundy and navy. I paired the top with the cropped moto and navy pleated skirt to accentuate the print.  Because the jacket is shorter but fit close to her body, I needed to make sure I gave her the proportional balance she needed - especially because the top has a higher neckline. The skirt provided waist definition, and it was also fuller at the bottom which gave her look the balance I mentioned prior without making the look feel too full around the chest area and upper body.


Besides the colors meshing effortlessly, I loved the juxtaposition of the feminine pleats and masculine moto jacket when I combined the two together. The necklace mixed with the metallic clutch offered a nice touch to complete the look.

Tina W. : Denim is Bae, and so is this dress


Fall is all about denim! I know this to be true because every August and September retailers try to persuade you to update your denim classics ( i.e jeans, jackets, skirts, etc.) If you don’t believe me, check your latest Gap email. Subliminally and in tandem, magazines message new ways to style denim for everybody type. If that wasn’t enough, now I’m telling you, denim is bae for fall! The fabrication itself is versatile and seasonless, so I felt that it was necessary to highlight the denim jacket.

Let’s talk body... Tina is a pear body type. This shape is most similar to the hourglass; the only difference is the chest is smaller in proportion to the hips. Pears have defined curves, so the major key is to make sure you accentuate the waist. This can be done by wearing belted styles, fitted silhouettes like bodycons and pencil skirts, and high waisted items. I kept this all in mind when styling her, and Tina also chose to be styled using her current wardrobe in conjunction with pieces I shopped for the visit.

Prior to the visit, Tina asked if I could bring pieces that she could wear on the weekend or girls night out. While shopping for her, I fell in love with this blush bodycon dress and mesh shirt from Forever21 and brought both to the session. I thought the two would be perfect together, as the shirt made the look versatile enough to wear from brunch to bar.

Once I got to Tina’s closet, I was enamored by her unique denim jacket, decorated with pins that had catchy phrases and motifs with meaning and a true representation of her personality, so I decided to center the look around this piece. Once I knotted the shirt at the waist to define her waist even more, I polished the look by layering on the denim jacket.


Tara V. : Leather, Prints, and Zing of Color


Fall means that it’s officially leather weather! A leather jacket is perfect for the season because it is a classic piece and here for the long haul. This jacket, like denim, is super versatile and can be worn with almost anything to complete and enhance a look.

Let’s talk body… Tara has an apple body type. Now , please don’t get offended by the name, I didn't make it up! It just means that if you are this body shape, you have great legs but you’re a bit fuller around the middle with a less curvier behind - and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. For the apple, one must be sure to accentuate your great legs which means dresses and skirts look AMAZING on you and create waist definition. That definition can be created with a-lines, high waist, fit and flare while steering away from bodycon silhouettes. Another characteristic this shape has is that they have fuller bust, so scoop and v-necklines work really well for this shape. I took all of this into account as I styled Tara for the event; she opted for the complete personal styling experience where I shopped for and put together new looks to add to her wardrobe.

I really wanted to style her in a dress or skirt to show off her legs, while accounting for the fact that I would need to create curves and a waist. I absolutely adored this patterned fit and flare skirt from Eloquii and thought it would be perfect to bring. Since the skirt was the showstopper, I wanted to keep it the focus of the outfit. Since I don’t do basic, I wanted to make sure that whatever top I decided to choose had some sort of interest without taking away from the skirt. I really loved this lightweight black sweater, that had sass with the puff sleeve detailing. Tucking the sweater in gave the look the waist definition I needed to bring her curves to life! The electric blue cross-body bag was a great zing of color that played on the intensity of colors in the skirt.


Niema J.: Olive, olive


Lightweight layers are perfect for fall, especially early on in the season since the chillier temperatures haven’t set in yet. A longline or longer length jacket is a great style add to your wardrobe. I’m drawn to the flow, drape, and femininity these jackets provide along with the sensibility to take you from desk to dinner.

Let’s talk body...Niema, is also an apple body type, which is characterized by having great legs, a fuller bust, and fuller midsection ( see Tara Vega for full explanation). As stated previously, the trick with the apple body type is to create the illusion of curves since they are minimal. With the aforementioned in mind, I brought Niema an array of items as she was interested in amping up her style a bit.

I selected this sweater bodysuit from New York and Company as the top of choice. It was on trend, with the choker neck detail, showing skin, without being too risque. I paired the shirt and back to a fitted pencil, thus giving her waist definition - which is also important for this body type. Because apple's dont have defined curves at the waistline,  I usually wouldn’t style a fitted top back to a fitted skirt/bottom but since I layered on the drapey jacket, it helped give the illusion of curve I needed to for her look. Niema, looked fierce! I loved everything about the look, the snakeskin heels from Old Navy were a great touch of texture and dimension up against the neutral and olive tones.