It seems that every year once temperatures start to rise, so do the overhaul of calendar invites. Between vacations, day parties and festivals, what to wear can be just as complex as figuring out which events can actually fit in your agenda. Because the spring SNS was all about dresses, you will find that none of the girls have been styled in a dress. Dresses are still completely relevant and are definitely a girl's best friend because there is no matching required. However,  I’m going to help you find pieces to create the best outfits that work for you!

 I styled four women of various body types (including myself) to make wardrobing a lot less complicated for all the places you'll be going this season. I've included the key body shapes in the diagram below for your reference!



  • Client: Jamica E. 
  • Body Type: Full Hour Glass 
  • Where You’re Going: The Festival 
  • What You're Wearing: Vest+ Halter + High Waisted Shorts

Jamica, is a full hour glass.  Which means her waist is slightly defined but she has larger thighs, hips, and a full bust.

Yasss: High-waist, pencil skirts, full skirts, fitted silhouettes, wide leg pants, tops that accentuate your chest (scoop neck, deep v, etc...)

Nooo: Boxy styles (I.E. anything that does not have waist definition)

I styled her festival look with her flower crown first of course and then worked my way to her outfit. High-waisted denim shorts are a sure staple for the season. I pulled them for Jamica because not only were they cute but, they gave her waist definition and accentuated her curves. The denim crop top that I paired with the look put a new twist on the traditional Canadian Tuxedo (denim on denim). The top also accented her chest and showed just enough skin. Finally, the fringe vest pulled the look together and helped give off the festival, boho aesthetic. 

  • thePrada-G 
  • Body Type: Pear 
  • Where You’re Going: The BBQ
  • What You're Wearing: Off the Shoulder Top + Highwaisted Shorts 

Hands down there is no better season to BBQ than summer. With all the great food involved who needs a good outfit? You, that's who! And as tempted as I know you are... put the maxi dress down! I have a great outfit just for you!

For context, I have a pear body shape which means my top half is smaller (chest and waist included), while I carry the majority of my weight in my hips and thighs.

  • Yasss: Anything fitted and tailored, plunge necklines, high-waist
  • Nooo: Boxy, oversized 

Steering clear of all white (no BBQ stains here), I went for a classic look with an off the shoulder striped top and high waisted shorts.

Off the shoulder tops are single handily the biggest trend of the season. Shortly after making its comeback on the runway, every retailer made sure they had them in stores. There are so many off the shoulder variations ranging from cold shoulder to asymmetric,  and the list goes on. My shoulders are narrow, so the straight across styling was complementary to my frame. On top of that I loved that vertical stripes felt fresh and seasonally appropriate - not to mention slimming.  Although the stripes created a slimming effect, waist accentuation always works well for pear and hourglass frames which is why I decided to pair the top with high-waisted shorts. High-waisted bottoms are a great way to hide your tummy by cinching you in to show off your curves and works well for most body types. 

Broad shoulders? Don’t let that steer you away from trying the trend. Remember, I said there were tons of variations and I have two solid options that are perfect for you. Although the "straight across” off the shoulder styling may not be your best option, the cold shoulder and shoulder strap are just as good, actually better because they don’t make your shoulders look wide. The cold shoulder top is good for you because it has a slight peek-a-boo, showing skin without looking too broad. The second option is to try the shoulder strap (wider strap recommended). This silhouette is reminiscent of the straight across, but the straps aid in the efforts to not draw attention to your shoulders while staying on trend. 

  • Client: Simone D. 
  • Body Type: Hourglass 
  • Where You’re Going: The Day Party
  • What You're Wearing: Bodysuit + Wide Leg Pant

A day party equates to good vibes, good music, and most importantly a great outfit. No matter the season, the appropriate attire for a day party is always in question - you want to look party ready but not look like your going to a night club.  With dresses off the table, an unorthodox but equally befitting alternative are a wide leg pant and bodysuit. 

Simone, has an hourglass shape which means her waist is defined and her bust and hips are proportioned. 

  • Yasss: Tailored pieces, anything with waist cinching, high waist bottoms
  • Nooo: Voluminous blouses that take the attention away from your waist 

For her day party look I focused on bright color blocking - which evoked a whimsical summer vibe. The look is definitely a sure head turner as the deep cuts on the side of the bodysuit add a subtle sensual element- perfect for a day party.  I paired the top with a wide legged pant, breaking away from the skinny pant regimen and getting her a little more comfortable with the new pant leg phenomena. The orange in her pant was vibrant but didn’t add extra pounds to her petite frame and showed off her small waist. The trick is to add a pair of heels to elongate your frame. The combination of the bright pants and flats would’ve have been a sheer faux pas as it would’ve made her look stumpy. I don’t know about anyone else but ummm... no one wants to look stumpy at a party-or ever! Ladies remember beauty is pain wear your heels and lean out your frame especially when wearing wide leg trousers. 

As far as color blocking goes, it's best to find hues that have similar intensities within the same color family. Doing so provides balance to the eye, which is why I selected the warm hues of pink and orange. Her turquoise necklace was a perfect pop of color - although it is a cool tone it had the same intensity of color as the top and bottom. 

So, now I know you're thinking "bodysuit and color block...I can do that-nailed it!  But, how can I make this wide leg pant -with massive amounts of fabric- look good on me"? If your frame is similar to Simone, you already have the recipe for success so get to shopping! If you have a fuller figure, a slimming approach would be to wear a printed or dark colored bottom. If you're tall, a printed bottom would work well for you as well, but instead of dark trousers lean towards brighter colors like orange, white, or even navy so that accentuate your the long legs you were born with and don’t make you disappear. 

  • thePrada-G
  • Body Type: Pear
  • Where You’re Going: The Summer Date 
  • What You're Wearing: Fancy Crop Top + Skirt 

After wearing all of the fab outfits during your summer outings, I guarantee you someone is sure to ask you out. So, what does one wear to a date with your potential beau?

It's all about creating a look that’s flirty and feminine without looking like you’re trying too hard. Go for a feminine crop top and a denim pencil skirt. Okay Pears, because you carry most of your weight in your bottom half it’s not always the area you want people to pay attention to —you want people to look at you in your eyes not your thighs (totally just made myself laugh there). Wearing ruffle tops and fun prints with simple bottoms, help draw attention away from your curvaceous hips and thighs by providing balance to your shape. The printed ruffle crop top was ideal for me, showing just enough skin when paired with a high-waisted pencil skirt.  I chose a pencil skirt because a skirt with volume, would've added extra pounds. 

If you’re not a Pear and have a larger bust (think full hour glass or apple) I recommend you wear a top that doesn’t have volume and subtly accentuates your bust. If you're an inverted triangle, an off the shoulder crop top would be perfect to show off you shoulders. Rectangles and people who have straighter bottoms, you need to create curves. You can do that by wearing full/skater skirts because they create the facade that you have a curvaceous lower half. 

  • Client: Paige K. 
  • Body Type: Apple 
  • Where You’re Going: The Beach, Please! 
  • What You're Wearing: A few things- but ride this wave with me- you’ll love me when you're packing your bag ;-)

Three Ways to Slay At The Beach All Summer '16 ...

Before I dive into Paige’s outfits, lets talk about her body type. You probably read that Paige has an apple frame —like I said in the intro,  not every figure sounds sexy; I'm confident that you're also wondering how a fruit is synonymous with a body type. Having an apple frame, just means that you have a wide torso, broad shoulders, undefined waist, and hips that are narrower than your bust. 

  • Yasss: The best way to accentuate the apple is to accentuate the bust and take your attention away from your mid section.  High waist trousers and wide leg pants are your friend here they are slimming and add definition.  
  • Nooo: High necklines and those straight across off the shoulder tops are a no no for you

Now to the good stuff! I styled three looks to help make packing for your summer vacay a cake walk. I wanted to make sure that the looks could help Paige pack light by using some of the same pieces for different looks; helping to save space for that extra swimsuit because no one ever packs just one! (haha)

Crop ( Bikini)  Top + Palazzo Pant -

This look is for lounging and all your day activities when you’re not in the ocean (or pool). Bottoms first, I styled Paige in high waisted printed palazzo pants and they make her look amazing. Elongating her frame, taking attention away from her tummy- even with a crop top on- talk about a win! Not to mention the print is a great way to break up all of the solids on her top half while also having a slimming effect. Her bikini top (but wait…what?)...Yes, I said it her top is a bikini top - I’m all about versatility and multi-purposing! The top was flattering, accentuating her bust, and the solid black with the contrast white piping was just enough to keep the outfit from looking busy. The cropped denim jacket helped provide balance and completed the look. Proportion play will forever be your friend (i.e. wearing a long pant with a jacket that hits the hip line). If the jacket would've been longer it would've looked disproportioned and frumpy. 

Bikini Top + Highwasited bottom + Bomb 3rd Piece

Finding a bathing suit for Paige was all about a top that accentuated her chest and bottoms that hid her mid section. Both of her bathing suits did just that. The black two piece with white pipping created an optical yet classic look while the olive was edgy with the black color blocking and zipper details. Stylize your beach look by adding a third piece — try a kimono or creating a tie front look with a denim top .