I've always had a passion for styling and helping others feel good about their personal style. Often times, trends found in the magazines and fashion sites can seem intimidating to try. I started my Sip'N Style to help educate women on how to incorporate trends into their wardrobes that fit their personal body type and style for each season. 



Spring dresses for every figure

Every woman loves a dress that makes her feel powerful, confident, and feminine no matter her figure or personal style. With that being said…

Bring on the Flare : MEET MAHWISH 

Body Profile: Pear Shape (hips are larger than the bust, and waist gradually slopes out to hips) 

No matter your body type the fit and flare dress is universally flattering for everyone. This feminine and flirty silhouette accentuates the waist while flaring out in the hips. So for straighter girls it makes them look like they have a fuller figure and curvy girls, like Mahwish, it slims the hips. Not only does this dress work for every frame but it is also versatile - making it perfect baby showers, weddings, tea time and work!

Mahwish, specifically needed a dress to wear to a christening ceremony. This emerald jewel toned dress was the perfect hue, complimenting her skin tone, while still being appropriate for the ceremony. The dress only needed a few elements to complete the look. The v-neckline was great for her accentuating her smaller chest, however a necklace was essential to add an extra wow factor especially because her hair was in a bun. The neutral shoes and purse added a softness to the total look especially because emerald, although springy, is a darker hue. 

Forever Floral: MEET BIANCA

Body Profile: Rectangle (bust and hips are approximately the same width, little waist definition) 

Florals are dainty, feminine, and are a true signal that spring is here. Undeniably, nothing says spring like a great floral dress - it’s all about finding the right silhouette for your frame. 

Bianca, needed a dress for a afternoon wedding she’s attending this spring; with her rectangular body shape, she needed a dress that would give her curve definition. I pulled an a-lined silhouette which provided the facade that she indeed has curves and  the neckline added a subtle, yet sultry detail. The dark ground floral is perfect for an afternoon wedding which will carry her effortlessly through the night. The jeweled necklace gives nice touch and taking the attention away from how low the neckline is. The bright pink lipstick was perfect pop to the total look, I added a leather jacket for her to drape over her shoulders for the cool spring nights, making the look both femme and edgy.


Body Profile: Full Hour Glass ( bigger thighs, rounded hips, average waist, full bust) 

When you don’t have to dash off to a spring event you can be your authentic self, not saying you can’t be yourself when your at your events but what about the times when you don’t want to put on a fancy dress and heels - Daphne’s outfit is all about your everyday spring look. 

Daphne was able to channel her boho style with an easy high low dress. Usually I would advise to embrace and accentuate your curves, but sometimes flowy silhouettes work, this dress definitely worked in her favor. The soft purple complemented her skin tone, although the dress didn't show off her curves, it did indeed show off her legs and hid her midsection. With spring being so transitional, a cardigan was a great layering piece for the cooler spring days, the grey also brought out the richness of the purple. Her accessories from her head wrap to her shoes were a perfect accent to her look. 


Winter is all about staying warm, as essential as it is, what your wear under your wool and down coats its just as important too!This season I focused on the easy cozy layers on for your transition from fall to winter. 


Winter’s chill doesn’t always come abruptly, especially in parts of the south and west coast. A faux fur vest is a perfect layer on to any outfit for the transitional days between fall and winter. Vest, tend to look great on everyone, it’s just about finding the one that's right for you.

Taylor, being average height and curvy looked great in this shorter length vest which played on the proportions of the length of her midi dress, overall creating the illusion that she was taller than actually she is. My advise if your petite/average height is to always have a balance in proportions to keep you looking long and lean. So if you wear a long vest, winter shorts or a shorter dress would better suit you. For my taller babes, the reverse would apply, so a long vest with a midi dress would work for you! 

Although the vest was the focal point of Taylor's outfit, the olive dress provided a great contrast, while the stripes hid her mid section. The hat and boots and other accessories solidified the look, and provided more attitude. This is a great outfit that is achievable for all body types and as the days get tights and  it gets cooler tack on gloves and tights .

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Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 11.27.01 PM.png

Undoubtedly, there will be a time when light layers won’t suffice and you have to pull out your cozier hats, coats, and scarves. I personally grew up having an aversion to coats, although functional, I always felt that they mess up your outfit, making everything under the coat pointless. However, I’ve grown to learn that you can make your coat suit your outfit needs. The art is to build your outfit around your coat to create a cohesive look. Tamekia’s outfit did just that, as I styled her in a navy floral dress which complemented her jacket. The empire waist band skimmed her frame and took attention away from her waistline; silhouettes like these are perfect for women with pear shapes. Her accessories were key in tying the total look together, as her hand bag and tights matched perfectly with her jacket. I finished off her look with a cozy infinity scarf for the cold days ahead, overall creating an effortlessly fabulous look. 

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Try an unconventional way to stay warm this winter, especially on the days that aren’t as cold. The cape scarf I styled Robyn in a perfect light , but cozy layer and is versatile enough to still be worn around your neck. 

Robyn’s outfit is simple and classic.During her consultation, she asked that I help her find an outfit that was versatile enough to take her from work to happy hour. I decided to style her in a top and fuller skirt to give shape to her lean figure. The play on the prints added a whimsical, yet sophisticated element to the overall look. Mixing prints is easy, but its all about creating a balance. Since, I styled her in a white grounded plaid, I made sure that her skirt was a dark ground with had a different scale plaid to make it easier on the eye. Another notable detail when mixing prints is to keep the color palette harmonious, the mix of black and white was enough so that outfit wouldn’t be fussy and I provided a hint of color for her lipstick to add a pop. This outfit is perfect look that will wisp you from desk to dinner with ease. 

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It's not the holidays without cookies and egg nog. This season, spiked egg egg nog was my drink of choice to serve to my Sip'N Style guest. There were no recipes involved, the egg nog I purchased was pre mixed with brandy, which you can find at your local grocery store. 

#102: FALL

This season I addressed questions on how to style yourself for work, the perplexity of fall layering, and how to make the 70’s trend work. While covering these topics I made kept in mind my clients body types and personalities. 


Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 8.50.02 PM.png

It’s always easy to style your 5-9 but what about your 9-5. I know you all want to feel confident and stylish while you’re at work, and know that  you can still work the boardroom without the traditional skirt and blazer.  I helped Sherise find a look that was work appropriate but still versatile enough to take her to cocktails with friends after a hectic day in the office. I decided to pull a monochromatic look together,  which doubtlessly made a power statement from head to toe. Blush, is a key color this season, its soft and feminine, and great complement to her skin completion. Her top cinched her in at the waist, flattering to her hourglass figure and complementary in proportion to the ankle pants. The dark lipstick was an effortless, adding a subtle hint of color to the look. The long cardigan, created an illusion of length to her petite frame. 

Long and Lean? This monochromatic look still works for you. You could go for a top with a higher neckline and add a short statement necklace. Instead of instead of a long cardigan, you can try a cropped leather jacket instead. 



Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 8.50.18 PM.png

Fall fashion is reputable for layering, and it can often be tough. Either you layer on too much or you just don’t layer on the right elements to not look frumpy and over done. Styling Kim, was all about finding the right components to help her layer for the season. The key to layering is not lose your shape. For Kim, we found a rust color bodycon dress in her closet, it was easy and fitted most importantly accentuating  the curve of her hip. The sweater crop top, from Banana Republic was perfect. When we layered it on top it created the illusion of the dress being a skirt. For the cool days of ahead I added on the olive moto jacket. The rust color of the zipper from the jacket was a great complement to the rust in the dress. With the subtle notes of color blocking we toned down the look by adding and the texture of her denim heels. This look is easy for any body type. However, a key to layering is not thinking too hard about the elements and making the additional clothes you put on look effortless. A good note is layer thin with thick. So if you want to layer a chunky sweater, make sure you jacket isn’t bulky; your bottoms should also be fitted. 



Its hard to believe that the fashion from the disco era would reign its way into 2015. I can be the first to say that I wasn’t overly excited about flare jeans and voluminous tops being back in style. However, its something so romantic about the 70’s that makes you want to give it a try. 70’s silhouettes can be a little daunting, especially because every piece of clothing associated with the era is drapey and over exaggerated, which isn’t the most democratic and flattering for every body type. Alexis, being tall and lean has a frame  complementary to the threads of the era. I pulled a wider leg flare for her which highlighted her long legs. The flowy top, was simple, but stylish complement to the look. I layered on an easy open front cardigan, in lieu of the breezy SF winds. The proportions of the top and cardigan was ideal, not too long to keeping the focus on her legs.  The floppy hat and fringe bag was an excellent finishing touch! I shopped straight from her closet, going to show that you don’t have to go to the mall to keep up with trends, just as long as you don’t throw out staple pieces in your wardrobe!

Petite and or  Curvy? I know you’re thinking you may look short and stumpy but theres a solve, you don’t have to shy away from the flare. Find a high waist wide leg flare that almost kisses the floor, this will add length to your frame and make you look long and lean. Heels are a necessity to help solidify the illusion that you need to create to look taller. Tucking in your top is essential in giving you a shape;  if you keep it out like I styled Alexis, it could look a little sloppy. For my petite ladies, you can also choose to wear a hip length blazer and cinching in your waist with a cute belt. 

Still not convinced on the 70’s look, just try on accessories for size. A floppy felt hat or fringe leather bag are simple elements that add a little 70’s attitude right to your look. 

#101: SUMMER 



Body Profile: Lean Column

How to Identify: Long and lean, straighter top and bottom, small/medium bust

Her Style:  Boho. Brittney is really into exotic prints, textures, and bold statement pieces

What Works:  Silhouettes that create a waist, A- line dresses, tailored/tapered clothing

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 9.14.56 PM.png

Styling Britteny: 

Britteny's goal was to find an outfit that went well with her metallic open toe slip ons from Zara which she found in Spain. Knowing that she loves statement pieces, I assured her that I would make her shoes complete the perfect outfit.

Initially, I envisioned her wearing a pair of destructed boyfriend jeans and a crop top, but after I saw this jumpsuit from Nordstrom I knew it would be perfect for her athletic build. The tie at the front helped draw in her waist and really show off her figure. The white and metallic felt fresh and summery, draping over an olive shirt jacket for the chilly San Francisco days.   



Body Profile: Inverted Triangle 

How to Identify: Bustier top with a smaller bottom, flat hips and bottom 

Her Style:  Feminine and romantic. Paige really loves soft fabrics and apparel with flounce and elements of pretty

What Works: A-line dresses, empire waists,  tops that accentuate the bust i.e (scoop neck or v-neck tops) 

Styling Paige: 

Paige was all about finding a good boyfriend (jean).  Honestly, the boyfriend fit is tricky because you have to find a pair that is both loose and figure flattering. Hard right? I know, and I won't say it was easy to find the "right" pair, but with a lot of patience, we figured out what worked best.

Paige has a fuller bust, so proportion play was the key. We found patch-work slim boyfriend jeans from Old Navy that worked really well. The leg opening on this jean was more tapered than most boyfriend jeans, which added more shape so that she wouldn't look frumpy. I paired the jeans with a feminine top that had lace inserting, really accentuating her bust and completed the look with brown open toe clogs -definitely playing into the 70's trend in a way that fit her personal style. 



Body Profile: Rectangular 

How to Identify: Little waist definition, straighter hips and bottoms 

Her Style: Classic. Nicole really into quality pieces and pieces that are versatile

What Works: Shift dresses, prints on top or bottom, silhouettes that creates a waist

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 9.22.06 PM.png

Styling Nicole: 

Nicole was all about practicality and versatility. She wanted a look that could easily to take her to work or brunch so it was all about finding pieces that could work in transition.

The soft jogger pants we found at Banana Republic were drapey, and sensible enough to wear to work and still hang out with the girls. Since the pants were vibrant, I wanted to tone down the palette but still add a contrast with the printed black and white top she's wearing. The third piece by far is the most important for a look you want to take you from day to night. I suggested that she wear the open front textured jacket as her wear to work look. For brunch, just slip off the jacket and bam, just like that two looks in one!



Body Profile: Full Hourglass 

How to Identify: Round hips and bottom, full bust, smaller waist 

Her Style:  Tomboy Chic. Khalia likes to look cute and remain comfortable 

What Works: Styles that accentuate and hug curves like pencil skirts, clothing that accentuates the waist

Styling Khalia: 

Khalia wanted a casual look that fit her style. At first we were on the hunt for a romper, but we couldn't find the perfect one that fit her body type. Instead, we went for plan B. 

The layered top we found at Forever 21 was great for her, as the bottom created a more defined and slimming waist effect. The top was also a sweet juxtaposition to her linen joggers from Old Navy, really honing on her tomboy chic style. Since her outfit was neutral, I added pops of color like the warm coral necklace and a smooth royal blue shoes that really helped add character and bring her outfit to life.