In the Summer of 2015, our first Sip'N Style emerged! Since then, we've grown with the quarterly series touching over thirty women in the Bay Area. As we embark upon our third year, the team and I felt that it was time to expand our reach and bring the event to the women of Los Angeles!

As I pondered on a theme that deemed itself to be both relevant and impactful, I was inspired by the heat of summer. If summer can bring the heat then your summer wardrobe should follow suit - all without breaking the bank! Therefore, each participant was styled from head to toe in under $150 - accessories included! 

If you're unaware of your body type, or interested in learning more about the other female body types click here



Grab all the confidence (I know you have!) and take your summer wardrobe to new levels with one of my favorite trends - exaggerated ruffles. Ruffles are both playful and feminine; the combination of the two makes for a bold look especially in red! With the vast iterations on tops, skirts, pants, and even shoes, it’s easy to get into a ruffle frenzy. However, the trend is surely worth an investment this season. 

If you're loving this look and want to recreate it yourself, I snagged it all for $129! Judith’s one shoulder ruffle top and pant created a dynamic look! Her hourglass frame was accentuated, maintaining her waist definition through the balance of volume on the top and bottom. However, an all over ruffle look can be a bit overwhelming to those who don't share a similar frame. If you relate more to a pear shape, a small adjustment in volume is all you need. Instead of having ruffles on top and bottom, decide on one area you'd like to exaggerate. Body types like an inverted triangle should avoid ruffles across the top as you tend to have a larger bust and broader shoulders. You can create balance and streamline your frame by adding ruffles to your bottom half through pants or a skirt.

THE LOOK: $129/ TOP$20/ PANT: $38/ HANBAG: $50/SHOES: $22 



Steer away from your skinnies! Wide leg pants lend you a chic vibe and are also figure flattering! This on-trend silhouette turned up the heat on a classic black and white outfit combination. The striped bag was unexpected, added dimension, and pulled the $100 look together.

 Jennifer's pear frame (smaller chest, curvier bottom) needed a fitted top to balance the volume added to her lower half. This look also works well for women who identify themselves as hourglasses. However if you are a rectangle, you may need to create the illusion of volume on the upper half as well. Billowing tops that have a V or plunge neckline would work well for you when paired with a wide leg pant. The same is also applicable to apple frames! 


THE LOOK: $100/ TOP:$10/ PANT: $48/ HANBAG: $40



Unapologetically, sundresses are the easiest summer outfit! Coveted amongst all women, this wardrobe staple is effortlessly chic, universally flattering, and takes less than five minutes to put on. With the vast selection of dresses to choose from, it's hard not to grab a dress for each day of the three-month time span. My advice is to simply choose dresses that encompass your personality and style. I grabbed this feminine and flirty pleated dress to go with Jersil's vibrant personality. I added a belt to not only accessorize but also provide waist definition to her frame, which is imperative for full hourglasses similar to Jersil as well as pear body types. Rectangles, apples, and inverted triangles can opt out of adding a belt to the look as they often need to create the illusion of having more volume/curves on their lower halves. 

THE LOOK: $145 / dress$72/ belt: $38/ shoes: $35



Nothing says summer like denim! While I appreciate jeans, high waist denim shorts, and skirts, at times it could feel a little humdrum. Liven up your denim based look with a statement piece - similar to my breezy kimono jacket. I love the versatility this piece has to offer as it can be dressed up, down, and can also double as a dress.  While I am a pear, the look can be adopted universally -the length of the skirt is totally up to you! PS: Forgive me for going two dollars over on my look :) .

THE LOOK: $150(+2) / kimono:$79/ bodysuit: $15/ skirt: $19/ handbag:$17/ shoes: $22